constant launch, but even so, the other side or by virtue of their main artifact to their defense to attack up. Chen Feng this heart to a horizontal, is preparing to mobilize the power of the whole world to launch the PMP it exam destruction of the light, this time, so Chen Feng pain of the students began to appear in front of Chen Feng. Yibing handle the main artifact constantly appeared in front of Chen Feng. Defense master artifact, attack the main artifact constantly appear. Calculate the number, where a total of nearly eight handle the main artifact in front of their own. Zhang co. re and other personnel has just turned on when the main artifact, this time the fighting has once again changed, no matter how the mobilization of Bond and other world trend, their attack simply did not play any role. The main artifact with the power of the main PMI Certification god, abruptly to each other s strength to enhance a grade. Which Bond and others simply can not start. Time is constantly going on, although for Zhang core et al, the longer the fighting, the Lord God of the power consumption is also faster. Which Chen Feng, who also has the advantage of rising, but in fact not the case. You know, since Huck their hands even have the main artifact of such things, PMP then it is also clear that their identity is unusual. In that case, then the power of their main lord who will be less To know a mast

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