original characters. Gan song sighed Wait for you to the order, be considered really into the practice sector, By this time, will know some real secret. Also includes the big day Rutheran eyebrow asked. Also includes Gan Road. This is similar to Chen Chao s argument, Chen Tuan only PMP it exam once said to Luthor, as long as he reached the order, then many of the secrets can tell him. Luther pondered for a wh.ile, he was among the five spiritual and lack of gold and soil, dense nuclear fine gold can make up Jin Ling, a rare person to know this thing, so ask for information about the Gan Qu but an opportunity. Predecessors, jade sand drill this is not, I have never heard of Void Flint. Luther did not hesitate to drill out of jade sand, which is Ozawa Mang, Jiang Song Song quietly gave him a gift, Jiang Song is also inadvertently come. I saw a jade sand drill, Gan song in front of one PMI Certification This is the only big wild wasteland production, you have been to Ozawa Mang There PMP is a very rare God origin, I went to find several times, did not find See him in the eyes flashed a trace of fear, Luther sidewalk he must have met Ji Xu Xu Ze, even to the present holy

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