g said that, Sean also disappeared in place. Chen Feng turned to these people in front of their own, said You, I think you are also the time to leave. Otherwise, I can not guarantee that I will do anything to. It will reveal the momentum of their own body, toward the light of the Holy See and others pressure in the past. Pressure on the other breath. Dragon, Orcs, Holy F5 Certification See, Holy Dragon Empire F5 Certification and the Kingdom of the holy order of those who have also left the strong. For fear. of this time Chen Feng will come to them afterwards, after all, when Chen Feng Feng robbery look like the printed clear in the minds of all, Chen Feng s that the strength of terror, everyone can not compliment. Looked at the crowd away, Maple, Bond, Chick, Jon and others have also come to Chen Feng s side, patted Chen Feng s shoulder, what did not say. Magnolia Empire, Zijin Empire, the Kingdom of Fire F5 Certification it exam Phoenix, who also came to the front of Chen Feng, Chen Feng and playing the dealings. Chen Feng for them is not like the light of those who like the Holy See the same. Chen Feng and their attitude is more cordial, after all, anyway, people are at this time to help the Chen Feng. If they and the Holy See, who cooperate with the light, then the maple and others will not be able

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